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The Red Gondola

a book by

Andreia Salles



Venice, 1590. Isabelle is the most beautiful woman in all of Venice. She came from the French Alps to the city as a teenager to marry a rich unscrupulous aristocrat who was old enough to be her father. Her life was surrounded by luxury but with that came solitude. 
Until the day Giovanni, a gondolier, crossed her path. During a Venetian Carnival, she discovers with him love and the fury of a despicable and vicious husband. In spite of this she decided to face him, even though it may cost her their lives. 

About the Author

Andreia Salles has always been in love with Venice. In parallel with her activities as a corporate communications professional since 1993. She studied the life and society of the Serene Republic of Venice (697-1797), a time when the Doges commanded the Venitian region's politics and economics. For two consecutive years (2016 & 2017) she was named as one of the 350 most influential Public Relations professionals in the world by PRWeek Powerful Book. She is a journalist and businesswoman who holds a postgraduate degree in Digital Journalism from ISE/IICS (Universidad de Navarra/ Havard School of Business). She has gone on trips around Italy and wrote her first novel based on everything she read, saw and felt about Venice. 


The Red Gondola


Lucca's Inheritance


Coming soon in English

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